Monday, March 17, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Maybe eventually I'll get my menu up on Monday MORNING! Oh well, at least it is still Monday!

I'm only listing Dinners this week. I have a basic plan for the rest but don't have it on paper yet, so I'm not going to type it out either.

Chip has to work on Sunday, so my parents are coming up on Saturday to celebrate Easter. I am cooking a somewhat traditional meal, and the kids and I will have leftovers on Sunday.

Anyway, here's what this week looks like:

Monday - Tonight it was just the kids and me so we had a super simple dinner. Pasta with alfredo sauce and green beans. Boring, but I colored the pasta and sauce green so we had a green dinner.

Tuesday - Chicken Continental ~ Broccoli ~ Rolls

- Scalloped Potatoes with Ham ~ Salad ~ Rolls

Thursday - Homemade Pizza

Friday - Plain Jane Chicken & Potatoes w/ Roasted Garlic Gravy ~ Rolls

Saturday - Ham ~ Deviled Eggs ~ Green Bean Casserole ~ Potato Casserole ~ Aparagus & Mushroom Saute ~ Rolls ~ Dessert - TBD

Sunday - Leftovers

I just realized I have rolls on the menu four days tihs week - better get busy baking!


  1. Oh man, I haven't had scalloped potatoes in ages! Sounds good!

    And by the way, you asked if I'd made the cheesy ham and potatoes before. I fact, it's one of my old stand-bys because it's so easy and so good! The original recipe called for a small jar of pimentos to be thrown in, too...but I've never done that because I know that would surely be enough to make the boys turn their noses up at it.

  2. I love how you plan out your menu for the week! You are super organized. I only have my meal planned for Saturday as that is when my family is coming to visit us and we will celebrate Easter on Saturday. Therefore, Sunday . . REST! We are NOT having traditional this year. I honestly cannot gag down any more "Easter" tradition! We are having Steak, Salad, Baked Potatoes, Rolls and Green Beans.

    Not to sound so long winded but my hubby bakes the BEST homemade rolls however, who has the time anymore. I buy the dinner rolls that are in the freezer section. I think $2.50 for 10 rolls.

  3. Tell me about the Chicken Continental!


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