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Delayed American Idol Recap/Results

I know I'm late in my recap. I didn't get to watch the show until late last night. I steered clear of blogs who do recaps until I could watch. I came home from church last night and the results show was on. I walked into the bedroom where hubby was watching and realized it was on and immediately closed my eyes, stuck my fingers in my ears, and went "La, la, la" or something to that effect to keep from finding anything out. Yes, I am THAT grown up!

So I finally sat down and thanks to my trusty DVR watched the show from Tuesday and then the results. So even though this is a late post, I will do my recap as I would have immediately after the show, as I took notes as I watched. Then I'll move to the results and what I thought about that!

Here we go:

Cool - "New" music for the new top 12 on their new set. Let's see how they do!

Up first, Syesha Mercado - Got to Get You Into My Life
OK, I don't really know this one so it's hard for me to really tell how she's doing. I think she sounds good, but parts of it sound a little funny (flat?) to me...but that very well could be the way it's supposed to sound. I just don't know. But I think she did a good job. Judges? Randy says it's a little pitchy. Ooo- Paula said it too. Alright Simon...Wow! He liked it! Go Syesha!

Chikezie - She's a Woman
Alright now, this is making me smile. Very "Oh Brother Where Art Thou"-ish. I really like what he's doing with this. What fun! Yep, I liked it a lot. Will the judges? Randy - YES! Paula - YES! (and Hey! She referenced "Oh Brother" too!!) And Simon - He liked it too!! Way to go Chikezie!
But Ryan - calm down already - good grief! Too much caffeine tonight maybe?

Ramiele Malubay - In My Life
Hmmm...seems a little...dare I say it? Pitchy. Her confidence seems down again too. I'm not feeling it....YAWN. I'm a bit bored.
Randy agrees with me...boring! When Paula starts out with, "You look pretty tonight", you know she wasn't crazy about it. Simon was bored too. I totally agree with Simon.

Jason Castro - If I Fell
The guitar is back...good or bad? Seems good to me, at least so far. Not amazing or anything, but I like it.
Randy's not completely sure, Paula feels the emotional connection and I don't know what Simon's analogy means, but I do agree with him. Good, not great.

Carly Smithson - Come Together
I am probably in the minority here, but I'm not really caring for this. Just feels like she's yelling and I don't like it so much. I don't know, but I bet my hubby did like this. The crowd sure does. All the judges love it, even Simon. I'm probably the only person in America who wasn't crazy about it.

David Cook - Eleanor Rigby
Alright, I really thought I knew more Lennon/McCartney songs than I do. Apparently I've been living under a rock because I still haven't heard any that I really know. I'm sure I'm the only one who doesn't know this song. So I'm just not sure. Seems like he's doing a good job, but I have nothing to compare it to. Weird song to me, but seems like he did well.
I suppose he did do well, according to the judges!

Brooke White - Let it Be
FINALLY! A song I know! And she's playing the piano. Wow, first guitar, now piano, and a great voice too. I love this. She's incredibly talented. Love her. She's on a roll with the judges. And how cute is she with her bare feet!

David Hernandez - I Saw Her Standing There
Two in a row that I know! Hmmm....not awful, but I definitely don't think this is his best. He's done better. It just sounds weak to me. Not so crazy about it. And the judges agree with me.

Amanda Overmyer - You Can't Do That
First of all, I think she's looking a little bit like a Zebra! LOL!
I really try every week to like her. And every week, I fail. This week is no different. As I've said before, it's just not my style. I don't necessarily think she's a bad singer, just not my cup of tea. I think Simon said it best, but even he liked her better than I did.

Oh good grief Paula and Simon, I think you both may need a time out. Give it a rest already!
Ok, back to the show.

Michael Johns - Across the Universe
I actually think this is my favorite performance from him since he did Bohemian Rhapsody during Hollywood week. Great job. And of course I'm a fan since he lives in "my neck of the woods"!
I don't agree with Randy or Simon this time. I liked it. Yeah, maybe he could have "gone bigger" with it, but I liked it just the way he sang it. I agree with Paula.

Kristy Lee Cook - Eight Days a Week
Country Style? Not sure how that's gonna work with this song. Ummm... nope, not working. It feels like the music is too fast and well, it's just not working! Her voice sounds good, but that style just isn't fitting for this song at all. I'm betting the judges aren't liking this either. And they don't. I agree with Paula about the not taking the country thing too much to heard. It was just too much for this song. I fear Kristy is in danger this week.

David Archuleta - We Can Work it Out
Let's see if he can...he's admittedly nervous. Oops! He forgot the words! His nerves are definitely getting to him. Rough start for sure. It's ok, but probably his worst performance so far. Of course his worst has been better than a lot we've heard this season. He's not going anywhere.

My predictions for the bottom 3 - Ramiele, David Hernandez and Though I'd LIKE for it to be Amanda, it will probably be Kristy.


How fun - Jim "Horton" Carey is in the house!!

Starting off with the group song. I'm not so sure this group really meshes all that well. At least not with this medley of songs anyway. And why are some singers featured very prominently when others have very little focus on them? It's not evenly balanced. Oh well.

Whew! Michael is safe! Yay! (I was actually just a teeny bit worried about him.)
Booooooo - Syesha is in the bottom. I don't agree with that.

Ryan's calling them out by groups of 4. So I'm guessing it's going to be one in the bottom from each group. This group, it's going to be Kristy. Yep, she's in the bottom.

Kat is singing - I know that made my hubby very happy. He's a HUGE Kat fan! And wow - she got skinny! I need to get on her diet. And she sounds fantastic!

Last group of four - It HAS to be David H. or's now down to them, so either one is fine with me. It's David.

I really think that Ramiele should have been there instead of Syesha. I really hope it's David going home out of these three.

YES! Thank Heavens - Syesha and Kristy get another chance!! So long Mr. Hernandez!

That's a wrap...until next week!

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  1. Well here is at least one person in America not on the Carly train with you :) She's fairly good but not the level of good you'd expect from the fawning of her they do. I agreed also that they did NOT sing well as a group LOL that was a MESS! Oh well it (might) will get better. see ya next week! xoxo melzie


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