Thursday, March 06, 2008

American Idol - Top 8 Girls

Yes, I'm late with my post from last night. I was at church last night, and I just got a chance to watch it a little while ago. I figured I'd get this posted before the result show airs.

So here go...

Asia'h Epperson - she's singing some Whitney! I Wanna Dance With Somebody - I love this song, let's see how she does...Well, I think she did a great job - she didn't do anything special with it, but she's singing it nice and strong. Very well done.

Kady Malloy - Kady, Kady, Kady...I hope she does well since I don't think she deserves to be here. She needs to prove herself.
I'm not familiar with this song. I'm a little bored. Eh - she's doing ok, probably the best she's done, which makes me nervous because I really don't want to see her in the top 12.
I SO agree with Simon on her personality - totally explains why I was bored! I'd like to see Kady go home.
Hubby really likes her, but was ready to write her off before this performance. Now he'd like her to stay. Gag.

Amanda Overmyer - I'm still not a fan and that's not changing with this song. Although I do think it is a good song choice for her. And at least she looks better this week!
Well, the judges love her, and she's probably safe. She's just not my cup of tea.

Carly Smithson - I don't know this song either! But wow - she's sounding pretty awesome! She hasn't been one of my favorites but tonight, well, wow! What else can I say?
What's Simon on? Is he crazy? I usually agree with him, but not this time!

Christy Lee Cook - I see she took Simon's advice and picked a country song. And I'm liking it. Yep, I like her a lot.

WHAT is going on with Paula? Oh dear!

Ramiele Malubay - Against All Odds - LOVE this song. Hope she can do it justice. Hmmmmmm...not bad, but I'm not very impressed.
Romoly? Get the name correct Randy!
Oops, I don't even remember what the judges said. Apparently I was paying more attention to Paula's behavior than listening to the comments.

OK - Simon is really getting a kick out of Paula!

Brooke White - I really love her voice. Love is a Battlefield - GREAT song choice. I'm loving that the guitar is the only music, I think it has a lot of impact.
HEY! Randy just said what I said! And so did Simon!

Paula is really out there tonight! Sheesh!

Syesha Mercado - BIG song - can she do it? Ooo, I'm thinking not. The song is just too big for her and she's not doing it justice. But apparently the judges like it better than I do! And seems like they are out of time - I've never heard the judges say so little after a song!

My favorites tonight my favorites are Brooke and Carly.
Going home? Hmmm? Ramiele? Kady? (I can only hope!) I'm just not sure!

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  1. Girl. I think you read my mind (or my post!)!

    Seriously, I think we agreed on everyone this week. Now I've just gotta wait on Big Daddy to get home from work so we can see the results!


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