Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Funny

Apparently, I say "Honey" a lot to Chip. Ruthi has picked up on this. She will run through the house after him saying, "Honey Yait!" (Wait)
The other night he was going to bed, and she was leaving the bedroom, turned and looked at him and said, "Good night honey." Chip replied, "Good night baby." To which she quickly replied, "No, call me Rufee." Oh, just too cute!


I was cleaning the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink. Ruthi came in, squatted down and said, "Yat you doin' Mom?" I replied, "Cleaning. You want to throw this away for me?" She says, "OK", runs to the trash, returns and says, "Yat next Mom?" When did she get SO big? (Yat=what)


Chip recently bought Ruthi a plush Curious George. Ruthi *ADORES* this monkey - he goes everywhere with her!!
A few times this week, she has walked up to me, cuddling George and says, "I got George. Daddy get me George home. Sheet Daddy." (translation: Daddy brought George home for me. Sweet Daddy.) And one time "sweet Daddy" was replaced with "So nice Daddy"


While standing at the refrigerator, pulling on the handle, Ruthi says, "Abbrae", which is spanish for Open. (I have NO IDEA if that is spelled even close to correctly!) Apparently watching Dora is really rubbing off on her, as before she was just saying open. I thought this was so cute!


Yes, I realize these are all about Ruthi, but CJ just doesn't say as many cute things anymore!

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  1. Oh Jennifer...those are priceless! I especially love how she's calling her Daddy "honey". That is just toooooo cute!


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