Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Funny

I don't have any cute new pictures to share, so I thought I'd share a couple funny things from this week.

After Ruthi was able to sit at Nana and Poppy's house and eat jelly beans to her hearts' content, I think she will relate their house to eating candy for a while. Case in point:

(After spotting a lone jelly bean that had dropped into a box)
"Go Nana house eat candy." (except candy sounds like it has an o and no n or d - 'con-ee')

(and then after seeing the pictures I had taken on the computer)
"Go Nana house. See eggs. Peeeeese!"


I can't remember exactly when this happened, but it was recent and I did write it down. I thought it was funny.

CJ: (in a very encouraging voice to Ruthi) "You know what will make Mommy very happy? To pick up all your toys and put them in your room! How does that sound?

Ruthi: (Big gasp) Yeaaaah!

CJ: Then pick them up!

Ruthi: CJ pick up my toys!


Ruthi's "phrases of the week"
Oh My!!! Said every time she hears something that excites her or makes her happy, she says this, and it is sooooooo cute!
And a few times she has said, "Oh booey" (Oh boy) which is pretty darn cute too!

The other big one is, "Who that sound?" (sound has 2 syllables - see-ound) every time she hears something and is not sure what it is.

**Oh, and Mama - you'll be pleased to know that Ruthi LOVES that little puzzle book, and has played with it more than anything this week. She discovered that the pieces will stick to the refrigerator. This morning when Chip got home, she said to him, "I play puzzle, Nana got me!"

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  1. "CJ pick up my toys!" How stinkin' cute is that?!! What a smart little gal she is, huh?


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