Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wow! Look at Me Go!

Can you believe it? It's the 8th of January, and this is my 8th post this year! 1 a day! Maybe I'm on my way to a new record! I suppose after taking such a long break, I have a lot of "making up" to do!

Today I went to have lunch with my cousin Cathy. After far too long of us not getting together, we've decided to get together every other week. And to make sure we don't put it off, we set the next date on the calendar before we part ways. It's working well, and we are getting to spend some much needed girl time to talk about whatever is going on at the time. I need it as much as she does. (For those of you reading who don't know the whole story, her husband went home to Jesus back in the summer, and of course, it's been very hard on her and the boys. So I really want to spend as much time with her as I can.)

Steven was home today and took a picture of us. (I thought I was going to just have to hold the camera out in front of me to take it...Steven made it much easier!) So here's my photo for today.

Jan. 8:

We took a silly one too, but I'm not brave enough to post it on here!

It's not even 11:00, and I'm heading to bed. I must be getting old! LOL!
Actually, I've been spending far too many nights staying up until 2 or later, and having a difficult time functioning during the day. I'm really trying to get into a better routine, and get more sleep which will hopefully help me be more productive. And time management...I'm working on that. But it's a hard one for me!

Today was kind of long...I didn't get up as early as I'd planned, so my plans got a little out of whack. After lunch with Cathy, the kids and I took a much needed trip to the chiropractor. Then I went to get groceries. I had planned to do these things BEFORE lunch! But instead, I was getting home around 6:30 this evening. Not what I really wanted to do. Because of my not getting up this morning, and everything getting shifted, not much of what I needed to do around here got done.

So the house is a mess, and I'm just feeling to tired to do anything about it. My groceries are still sitting in the floor waiting to be put away - and that's not how I like it. I usually put them away immediately! But I just haven't had the energy to do so. (I did put the cold stuff away though.)

So why am I blogging? Because I'm on a roll, and I didn't want to mess it up yet! But I'm going to bed...hopefully I'll actually be able to sleep! And I plan to get up early in the morning and make some progress so Chip doesn't come home from work in the morning and wonder why the house looks like it exploded!

Oh, and I really hope I'm not getting sick. My throat has felt a little sore today, and now I'm sneezing. Maybe that's why I don't have much energy. OK...I'm going to bed and let this old body rest!


  1. i would recommend getting pregnant if you want more sleep! it has worked for me! now if i could only shed my allergies which are causing my leftover eye circles!

  2. Lovely photo of two lovely ladies!

    Hope you're not getting sick, Jennifer, and that today is as productive as you hope it to be!


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