Friday, January 02, 2009


I don't make resolutions. Why set myself up for failure?
I do however, make goals. Things I'd like to work on. Those will remain on my sheet of paper I wrote them on and hopefully I'll accomplish most of them. But put it out for the world to know? I don't think so!

I think I may have posted some last year...but I'm not going to this time. They are for my benefit, and that's good enough for me!

However, I will share one...but it's not new. I really have a goal to blog regularly! Without long gaps of time where nothing is getting posted. Really, it is good for me, because if I'm putting it here, it won't get lost. This was supposed to be a journal of sorts for me, so I can keep up with things and remember what happened when. Oh, and to let friends and family be able to keep up with what's going on.

But I didn't do so well this past year. goal is to do better this year! We'll see!

Hopefully you will see more pictures, due to the project I'm now working on. (Which means, hopefully, I'll be taking more pictures!)

So I still have no clue if I'm getting the kit I ordered (mentioned in my last post), but it doesn't really matter...I love the idea of this project and I'm going to keep on trucking.

I began this on the 28th so that the weeks in my book will fall Sunday-Saturday. The pictures I'll be including often won't be all that exciting. The idea is to capture everyday life and whatever that may include.

As I said, I will attempt to keep track of it will give me something to post, and will serve as a place I can keep everything together until it's added to my book.

So here are the pictures I've taken from the 28th to yesterday, with a little bit of explanation.

Dec. 28:
I was taking down the Christmas decorations. I had some newspaper on the couch to wrap all my snowmen figurines in. I looked over and Ruthi was sitting on the lid of my box "reading" the newspaper and the ads. I thought it was funny, so I grabbed the camera. Funny girl!

Dec. 29:
Today is the last day I'll have a 3 year old. It is very bitter-sweet. I will miss having a 3 year old, but am looking forward to seeing what joy our 4 year old will bring to our lives! This is the very last picture taken of our precious 3 year old, at the end of her last day of being 3!

Dec. 30:
Ruthi has been asking to get her ears pierced for about 6 months. I told her that if she still wanted to do it on her birthday, that would be the day. She was excited. Until this very moment...then she wasn't so sure. Yes, sadly, she cried. And it broke my heart (and her Daddy's too!). But she only cried for a minute and she's happy now!

Dec. 31:
What a fun and LOUD evening! We had a BIG celebration, as we celebrated Ruthi's birthday along with New Year's Eve. Nana, Poppy, Uncle Chris, and the Vega's joined us for the festivities. We had a great little birthday party and moved right into the New Year celebrations. I took this photo right after midnight - CJ, Ruthi, Jorge and Marlon ringing in the new year...quite loudly!

Jan. 1:
Happy New Year! We enjoyed a traditional meal of collard greens, black-eyed peas and cornbread. All lovingly cooked by the man of the house. And it was DELICIOUS! The Vega's joined us for dinner - they had never experienced this food tradition, and weren't fully sure what to expect. They ate it - that's a good sign! I think they liked it! Though I'm still in a little bit of shock that Jorge ate something green!

That brings me to today. I haven't taken today's picture yet.
Now I'm going to try to work on getting some holiday pictures ready for posting!


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