Tuesday, January 13, 2009


That would sum up the past couple of days. Nothing special going on, and honestly not feeling like doing too much either.

I DID, however, CONQUER MT. WASHMORE!!!! For a few hours, at least!
It drives me nuts that no matter how on top of the laundry I am, I turn around and there's more to do! I'm not saying that I stay on top of it, necessarily, just that it doesn't seem to matter much!

I LOVE seeing my laundry bags completely empty...it makes me very happy. Especially knowing the washer and dryer are empty as well! And that's where I was earlier today. It made me so happy, I made that my photo for today. Of course, the bags are no longer empty. Granted, there's not nearly enough for a load yet (there will be tomorrow!), but the nice emptiness is no more. It was nice while it lasted, even if it was very brief!

And I tackled ironing tonight. I really dislike ironing. And that's being very nice about it. Next to cleaning toilets, it is my least favorite thing to do. But I ironed all of hubby's uniforms and several of his shirts. At least now he can pull them out of the closet and wear them, and I don't have to stop what I'm doing to iron one shirt. Nor does he have to walk out of the house with wrinkles. That makes him happy, which in turn DOES make me happy. So I have to see the silver lining when it comes to ironing.

Really...laundry being the highlight of my day, makes for a very UN interesting day!

My 365 kit STILL hasn't come...sigh. But I know it will be here soon. As for pictures...I'm trying to get a little creative on days when there's not much to take a picture of. Turns out, I'm not all that creative when taking pictures! But this project is about the every day things. So I'll be filling in spots with lots of every day stuff.

Like yesterday's picture (and today's for that matter).

Jan. 12
I enjoy my coffee in the mornings. But I need some extra flavor. And I LOVE flavored creamers! As soon as the holiday creamers come out, I rush to get my eggnog flavor. And I try a few others as well. This holiday season, I tried just about every flavor that came out. And I enjoyed them. But my new favorite is White Chocolate Raspberry. OH YUM! So I took a picture of my new favorite alongside my old favorite. I'm almost out, and I don't think I can get them anymore now that the holidays are over, so I'll have to go back to my french vanilla.

And on to today's...

Jan. 13
As I said...this makes me smile! I have a very small laundry area at the end of my kitchen. It doesn't leave a lot of room for sorting laundry. I hung up these two mesh bags a few months ago and they are working out great. They take up very little room (even when full) and aren't in the way. I have one for towels, washcloths, etc. as well as socks and undies (I wash all those in hot water, so they just all go together.) And the other one for all other clothes. It's not the most perfect system, but works great for a small space. And seeing them empty like this, knowing there are no dirty clothes anywhere else, even if only for an hour, makes me very happy!

And so concludes a couple of boring days. I hope I haven't bored anyone reading...if anyone is still reading!

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  1. i am with ya on the laundry! i dislike multistep tasks like laundry and grocery shopping. not a big fan of sweeping right now either!

    yum...white choc raspberry!


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