Monday, January 05, 2009

My Christmas Present Came!

I asked for one "big" thing for Christmas. In November, we got new carpet in the bedrooms. So, I wanted a new vaccuum cleaner. A good one. Not an expensive one, but a good one still.

My friend (and next door neighbor), Denise, has a great vaccuum cleaner. I had borrowed it back in the summer and was amazed at the stuff it was sucking up! I couldn't believe it. So it went on my list.

I had a little vaccuum cleaner which works fine on my hardwoods, and on the old worn out carpet, I figured it was doing a well enough job. But then I had a taste of a good vaccuum. And I was hooked! I borrowed Denise's vaccuum MANY times over the past few months - just to get a little deeper cleaning done.

Actually, it seems it was living over here more than at her house, and she would have to borrow it from me!

With the new carpet in, I wanted to be sure to be able to maintain it better with a good vaccuum cleaner. So right before Christmas, Chip went to get it for me.

Out of stock. Figures.

But he ordered it for me and let me know it was on the way. And today it came!!! I've already broken it in, and I've never been more excited about vaccumming!

So, a picture of my new toy is my picture for today for the 365 project. However, I just realized that I'm going to have to take another one, because all the pictures fit in the book horizontally. But I'm going to put the one I already took and uploaded here for now.

Jan. 5

Oh, and I know I'm going backwards, but I have yesterday's picture too.

Jan. 4:
Ruthi and Emma have been begging for a sleepover. It's been quite a while since the last one. So we decided to squeeze one in before school started back from the Christmas break. So Emma came home with us after church today. I needed to run to Kroger to pick up a few things, and the girls wanted to ride in the "car buggy". They were a little cramped, but they had fun. The sun was in their eyes, so they are a little squinty!


  1. good suction is a woman's best friend!

  2. You are hilarious!


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