Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's a Date!

I've had the blahs for a couple of days. Today I decided that I needed to get out for just a little bit without my side-kick...just for some fresh air, a bit of quiet time and maybe a little retail therapy!

Chip and CJ had gone on a bike ride this morning, and I was getting ready to go when they got home. Chip asked if I just wanted to be alone or if I would enjoy some company. Adult company was just fine, so we decided on an impromptu date!

Now, he really hates going to Wal-Mart, and that's one of the places I wanted to go. And Michaels. And guess what? He was willing to go to both! He wanted to go to Kohls as well, so off we went. We did a little shopping and had a yummy meal at Chili's.

When we were in Michaels, we were being silly. The cashier got a total kick out of us. She was a little shocked to find that we've been married for over 16 years! She actually said we were adorable! Isn't that funny? Just because we were having a good time together and having fun!

I think I needed that little break today, and the company of my husband was a bonus! I love spending time with him! And it's even better when we can have an uninterrupted conversation!

In other news...I received an email from Creating Keepsakes, and it looks like I did indeed get a order went through. I'm so excited! That will make this project so much easier to do, and make me want to stick with it that much more!

So, I have the pictures from yesterday and today. Remember, I'm including at least a little of the journaling that will go with them here, so I have everything in one place.

Jan. 2
CJ got a laptop for default. Chip ended up having to get a new one right before Christmas because his was acting up, and he was in the middle of a class and needed to have one that was working properly. He actually thought his was history. But he was able to fix it and get it working again, so it became CJ's. I still find it a little weird to look over and see him "working" on his laptop!

Jan 3
I have a teensy obsession with ribbon. I love using it in my scrapbooks, on my cards and many other projects. This is some of my ribbon. I actually have much more than is on this wall. I bought 22 rolls today! But I rarely pay more than a dollar for a roll - I always wait for sales, and hit the dollar bin! Many of the ones I bought today were only 50 cents!

I'm still working on going through and editing the ton of photos from the holidays...I'll be posting some soon!


  1. Your ribbon picture makes me want to come play at your house!!

  2. Your impromptu date? Sounds like just my kinda date.

    And the ribbon wall? Absolutely ridiculous, and making me envious. Now how about some photos of the rest of the room? Maybe it will inspire me.

    Finally? So glad you're back!

  3. you have a better selection than most craft stores! :)


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