Tuesday, June 03, 2008


So, the guys are away on their canoeing/fishing trip, and Ruthi and I are hanging out at home. Actually, Ruthi's little friend came over yesterday and to spend the night and they are playing happily right now.

Since they hubby is in a canoe, he obviously had no reason to take his laptop with him. So before he left he told me he was going to let me use it as long as I don't download anything and don't change anything!

My computer is running quite slowly because there is a LOT of stuff on there. And it locks up on me all the time. So using his, which is MUCH faster is a very nice break!

It has been so nice, hanging out on the couch, with my feet up, surfing and reading blogs to my heart's content. And when Ruthi wants to go out and play in her sand box, I can now take this wonderful machine and sit on the front porch with plenty to do while she plays to her heart's content! And, since this computer is so much faster than mine, I can blog hop much quicker and do everything I usually do on the computer in a fraction of the time - so much so that I've even played some online games with my all the extra time I've gained! LOL! Yes, I'm definitely getting a little spoiled!

This is making me want to work very hard and make lots of money so I can save up for one of these of my very own!

The only downside at the moment is I don't have access to my photos, so I can't post any from here. And I really don't want to go to my slow computer to upload any at the moment!

And though I am really looking forward to my husband and son coming home, I will miss the luxury of the laptop! But I'd much rather have them home than a lifetime of laptop use!


  1. Oh, I definitely think you deserve one of your own! And I wish I had me one, too. :)

    Glad you and Ruthi are having a nice, relaxing time without the guys, despite the fact that you miss them.

  2. hmm....I think you should tell Santa that you REALLY deserve a laptop for Christmas....think that will work??????

  3. That sounds exactly like something my hubby would say to me about his laptop! LOL!


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