Friday, June 13, 2008

Monkeys, Monkeys Everywhere!

I'm still getting caught up on posting pictures from last week while the guys were gone.

On Thursday, a group of my friends got together to go have some monkey-jumping fun. There's a fabulous (and inexpensive - a plus!) place called Gorga Monkeys. It has a bunch of inflatable slides and obstacle courses.

Ruthi and I were the first of our group to arrive. It's a good thing that you can't see the big play room when you are signing in and paying. Because once we walked through the door, Ruthi took one quick look around and was off. She didn't even hesitate...she headed straight for the largest slide and began to climb. In a matter of seconds she was at the top of that slide and two seconds later, she was at the bottom with the biggest smile on her face.

I knew it was going to be a good day.

As our friends began to arrive, she got very excited. It's much more fun to play with friends!

Us moms hung out and gabbed for a while. We ate lunch and gabbed some more.

Pretty soon, Ruthi was wanting me to come play with her too. So I took a break from the mom group and headed off to climb, slide and bounce.

I felt like a kid again...on the inside.

My old, not-a-kid-anymore body was protesting quite loudly, however. But I wanted to have fun with my daughter, so I perservered. Even though I was sure I had pulled a muscle in my leg as I threw it over one of the small 'mountains' in the obstacle course. But the slide was a lot of fun.

I needed to rest, so I rejoined the moms for a while. Then I went back out to play some more, and this time Jamie and Fonda came to play too. Melissa and Cindy were happy to watch.

Melissa, Cindy and Fonda gradually left us. That left Jamie and her daughter Kylie, and Ruthi and me to play by ourselves.

And did we ever. We played and played and played. I haven't played that hard, or had quite so much fun in a very long time. I really hope I burned lots of calories!

When Jamie and I finally decided to drag ourselves out of there, I realized Ruthi and I had been there for seven and a half hours! But we had a blast.

I think we are just going to go there once a week. At $7 a visit, (mom's get in free) it's cheaper than joining a gym! Well, unless you went several times a week that is.

I took so many pictures, as you can imagine. I narrowed it down to only 16 to post. Since that's still a lot, I did another slide show. Enjoy!


  1. Wow, Jennifer, that place looks too cool for words! That certainly will make a nice weekly outing!

  2. SEVEN HOURS???????? Holy toledo, Jennifer...that is a long time. LOL. We have a couple of those here too, altho they aren't as cheap. Maybe I will look to see if they have cheap play date days or something like that. Love the photos too....Looks like Ruthi had a BLAST.



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