Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sooooooo Excited!

I have some news to share that is incredibly exciting! I've known about it for a while, but it wasn't final, so I didn't share. But now I can!

What is it?

My parents are moving!!!! Why is that exciting? Because after 10 years of them being two hours from me, they are now going to be living 20 minutes from me!!!!!!!

Before they moved away, they lived 5 minutes from me, and I loved it. When my Dad was transferred and they had to be 2 hours away, it wasn't so great for me. But I knew it could have been worse. At least it was within a not too terribly far driving distance. But I still missed having them close.

They've been talking about moving back for a while now, since my Dad now works closer to this area than where they currently live. But I didn't hold my breath because they kept going back and forth.

But not too long ago, they started seriously looking at houses. And they finally found one and made an offer. It was accepted and they will be closing at the end of the month - on my birthday! Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

20 minutes may not be as convenient as 5, but I'll take it! It's FAR better than 2 hours! I can hardly wait until they are here - I am so incredibly excited.

Now, we are just praying my Mom can get a transfer quickly so she won't have to stay in the other house alone during the week. It would too far for her to commute from here. And my Dad's commute is much shorter from here - so they'd be apart during the week, which doesn't sound too great!

So, if you think about it, say a prayer for my Mom that a transfer for a Full-time position is available as soon as possible!

Oh, and yes...I'm still around. I know I've not been blogging much. But honestly, I haven't been spending quite as much time on the computer lately.

I've been enjoying evenings sitting out on my front porch while Ruthi plays. (The child would live outside if she could!) It's been so nice in the evenings, and I know all too soon it's going to be too hot and sticky even after the sun goes down. So I'm enjoying the nice evenings while I can.

And, we just had some new neighbors move in next door, and I have a new friend! She and I hit it off and get along great. We both LOVE to talk and she even scrapbooks! So as soon as they get everything unpacked and settled, we are going to do some scrapping together!

It's been nice having someone right next door to hang out with and talk to. My neighbor on the other side of me is great too - we've been neighbors for 15 years. But she works full time, so she's not around quite as much to hang out with.

My new neighbor will be working too, once she can secure a job. And I know after that, it will be evenings and weekends. But until then, we are enjoying daytime chats as much as possible.

Their moving truck finally came today, so I spent most of today helping them out. Then she fed the kids and me dinner! (Chip is at the station.) We unpacked boxes until 9:00 tonight. I'll be helping her tomorrow as well.

So between enjoying some time outdoors, playing with Ruthi and hanging with my new neighbor, it hasn't left as much computer time.

And suprisingly, I haven't missed it quite as much as I would have thought I would!

So, if I'm not around much, it's because I'm enjoying my family, friends and summertime!


  1. Wow...lots and lots of good news on the Jennifer front! Sounds like you've been having a wonderful summer! You just keep on enjoying it, and don't worry about us. Well, pop in now and then and let us know how you're doing, so we don't have to worry. Have a fabulous summer, Jennifer!

  2. My parents live about 5 minutes from us, so I know how awesome that can be! I'm so glad your parents are moving back closer to you!!

    And how great to have a new neighbor who you get along so well with!

    What a good summer :)

  3. I am so excited for you...and a bit jealous! How neat to have a new friend right next door! :) Congrats on your parents moving closer too...yeah!!!

  4. Discovered your blog today and enjoyed reading through your posts. I homeschooled our 5 children (on the mission field and before)for more years than I really want to think about. Last year the last one graduated. I must admit that I do not miss the homeschooling. God has been so good to us through the years and He has always given me whatever wisdom or talent I needed for each challenge that came my way.
    Blessings from Costa Rica

  5. My parents always lived 2 1/2 hours away, same as my inlaws. My mom passed away five years ago and now my dad and sister live 1 hour away. My in-laws are now in the same town and I love it.

  6. How exciting about your parents! I would love to have mine in-laws are only 1 1/2 hours away, but that is still not right around the corner!

  7. How lucky your neighbors are to have you right next door!

    I'm envious. We've got a single guy on one side, an older single lady on the other and who knows what everywhere else.


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