Wednesday, June 11, 2008

After Their Date

My sweet hubby is such a great dad. He has started taking Ruthi on "dates". His schedule is a three-week rotation. Every third Wednesday he takes Ruthi on their date.

Today was their third date. And she REALLY looks forward to this. She gets so excited. They go get lunch and then go to the park. He has some back-up plans in case of rain, or when it just gets too doggone hot to go to the park, but for now this is perfect.

When he took her the first time, she wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Even though she was terribly excited to be going somewhere with her daddy, she seemed a little unsure as to why mommy wasn't coming too.

Her uncertainty quickly faded. And now she counts down the days to their dates.

I absolutely love this. It makes my heart flutter to see how excited she gets to be able to go out with just her daddy.

And when she comes home to tell me about it, I can't stop smiling.

Today they came home and she was beaming. And I knew she was tired. She rarely takes naps anymore, but I knew she really needed one...especially since we have church tonight.

She didn't want to admit she was tired, and certainly didn't want to give in and go to her bed.

So she had a nap with her daddy instead. And this...these little moments that I get to capture...totally melt my heart!


  1. Positively priceless! There really is something special about daddies and little girls.

  2. That is a precious photo of them napping together. What a neat tradition you have started. I just may have to talk to my man about it too!

  3. Just too precious for words!

    Big Daddy is about to start taking our girls on dates, and they can't wait!


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