Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Weekly Weigh In

It's late, but I'm posting my progress before the day is over. (I totally forgot to post last week!)


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Well, actually, that makes 10 pounds I lost. But I lost the first 5 before I officially joined the challenge. (Started working on it when the challenge started, but wasn't sure if I was going to blog about it or not!)

I am VERY happy! And what is so cool is clothes that are already fitting me better.

This morning I put on a pair of warm-up type pants to go for my walk (not the noisy kind!)(it was actually too cold for shorts this morning!) and they fit me better than they did this time last year. Made me a very happy girl!

And tonight I put on a pair of pajamas hubby bought me a couple years ago. They actually fit me better than they EVER have! They were too short before, because too much of the material had to, um, cover my hips, backside and stomach. ahem. But the length is correct now because there's not as much to have to cover anymore!! Woo Hoo!!

And last but not least (don't laugh TOO hard on this one) but I put on my jeans the other day - fresh out of the dryer. Now we all know how jeans are tighter when they are fresh out of the dryer and will loosen a bit with wear. Well, I don't like them when they are fresh out of the dryer tight. So, I spritz them with water in all the right places and do a few lunges and squats to speed up the loosening process. However, the other day when I put on said fresh out of the the dryer jeans....I did NOT have to spritz them! They were no longer too tight!

I wonder how many more times I can squeeze the fresh out of the dryer phrase in this post? Ok, that was the last one.

I'm quite proud of myself on the eating front. Some days are a little more challenging than others, but I remind myself of my progress and that I don't want to mess that up! But really it's not too bad since I'm not totally depriving myself of anything - so it's not as big of a temptation.

I'm up to 2 miles on my walk. And we are walking it in about 45 minutes. (I walk with my neighbor.) It helps that I'm not having to lean over a stroller anymore. I now have a cart that attaches to the back of a bike with a much higher handle that I push Ruthi in and it is much easier. We could probably walk a little faster, but Ruthi always wants to stop for a minute to see the horses and cows, or wants me to stop and pick her a flower. We could probably shave off 4 minutes easily if it weren't for that. But she enjoys going along, so what's an extra 4 minutes to keep her happy?

That's it for this week's progress. And I'll try not to forget to update anymore!


  1. Wow, you are awesome! I think you should count the TEN pounds lost. Congrats on the pounds gone and on the jeans fitting fresh out of the dryer! :-D
    Path to Health

  2. oh, how fun!! isn't it the most fun when your clothes look and feel different!

  3. I know you asked us not to laugh, but I just had to about the spritzing're too cute, Jennifer! Congratulations, girl! 10 pounds is a big should be very proud!

  4. YEAH!!! Congratulations!!!! That's so wonderful!!!!

  5. girl, you need to get to know me better since i am big on offering half-price specials! ;) good luck!

  6. Woo hoo! That is awesome! And the jeans thing is exciting - I haven't enjoyed a fresh out of the dryer pair of jeans in a long while...I guess getting rid of 10 pounds will do that for you, huh - maybe I ought to try it?!?!


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