Friday, October 19, 2007

Good Morning!

I must be losing it. Yes - it is 6:45 AM and I am posting. How can that be?

I don't usually even see this time of day! Though I've crawled INTO bed at this time of day on more than one occasion.

I really am a night owl.

But lately I've gotten more into a routine and haven't been staying up quite as late as usual.

And I've even been getting up at a decent hour in the mornings.

If you call 8:00 decent.

Anyway, I woke up this morning at 5:30 to make sure the hubby was up for work. And for some reason, I just haven't gone back to sleep.

So I did the most logical thing I could think of - check my email and read blogs!

But I have a full day ahead, so my time here is coming to an end. In about 11 minutes.

I promised myself I would walk away from this computer at 7:00.

I need to go get myself moving. I still need to clean up the dinner dishes from last night. I know - GASP! But I had a bad tension headache last night and just didn't feel like doing it. So that's first on my list.

Then I have to make sure I have a list ready for things I need to pick up at the store. CJ has Science class today, and when I drop him off, I will make the best use of my time by doing my shopping while I'm out. I always have the intention of doing this because it makes perfect sense, but for some reason haven't actually followed through. And then I end up going back out later. Not the best use of my time...or gas!

So, I will shop and then retrieve him from his class. We will come home for lunch, and once Ruthi is down for her nap, I really have my work cut out for me.

I'm having a yard sale tomorrow. (I was supposed to put my stuff in a friend's sale in September, but I was sick.) I have done quite a bit of cleaning out and have a pretty good amount of stuff to get rid of, so hopefully it will bring in some money!

So, I need to make signs, finish pricing everything and get it all ready to put out. I'm planning to set up everything I can tonight so I don't have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn in the morning to put it out there.

I don't know if I can handle being up before the sun is two mornings in a row! Oh the horror!

On that note, I'm signing off, with 4 minutes to spare.

Of course by the time I spell check and get this posted, it will be 7:00! So I'm not going to grammar check, or check for missing or wrongly placed words. Forgive me if there are any!



  1. Hope your yard sale goes well. They are always a lot of work, but I love getting rid of the excess stuff!

  2. GOOD LUCK with your yard sale!!! Hope it's great!

  3. hope the sale went well and was worth getting up early for! i just can't do those things. i go for the delayed gratification and take my stuff to goodwill and get a receipt for taxes!

  4. Hope the yard sale was a roaring success! And that you survived 2 early mornings in row!

  5. Been there - done that. Fortunately I'm on the west coast and people back east don't know how ridiculously early I am when I am making comments on their blog.


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