Friday, October 12, 2007

Fun in Candy Land

We love to play games. And here lately, we've been playing games as a family a few nights a week.

Problem is, the games we are playing aren't really suitable for an almost 3 year old.

And she loves to play too.

But Clue, Phase 10 and Uno aren't really games she can join in on. (These are the ones we've been playing most.) So we let her put down the cards for us and let her be involved as much as she can.

I decided she would definitely be getting some games for Christmas that would be on her level. But I couldn't wait. She really wants to play and I just couldn't see making her wait that long.

So I went ahead and bought a game for her. Bet you can't guess which one?!

Yes of course, it was Candy Land. Only, it is Dora Candy Land!

We went to the store the other day and I told her I was going to get her a surprise. (And then prayed they weren't going to be out of them!) I found the game and handed it to her, explaining that she couldn't open it until we got home.

This child was SO EXCITED over this box with Dora, Diego, Boots and Backpack on the front! (It helps that she LOVES Dora.)

I am not joking AT. ALL when I tell you that all throughout the store, she sat in the cart hugging her game and saying, "Thank you for my present" and "I love my game." She just couldn't have been much happier.

Until she got home. And she was able to open it.

But I needed to cook dinner. So Big Brother came to the rescue. He set it up and they played the entire time I got dinner ready. And then after dinner, while I cleaned up, Dad played too.

That was a few days ago (I can't remember which day I bought it.) and she wants to play her "Dora Game" All. The. Time.

I'm already a little sick of Candy Land!

But I know I have many Candy Land-Filled days ahead of me!

This morning she wanted me to play with her so we set it up and I took some pictures. She's pretty good at it. She picks up the card and says "I got 2 purples" or "I got 2 green"... And then she moves her piece. (She's always Dora!) The only thing she has trouble with is always following the path. She will sometimes move backward instead of forward, or skip over to another part of the path. But she is learning how to follow it. She loves playing it. And for some reason, she usually wins.

When you win, you are at the Fiesta. Today when she won, she clapped and said, "I went to the Shiesta! Dun Duun!" The dun-duun was in a sing-songy tone that is played by the little bugs when they accomplish the next step. It was really cute.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of her playing (and winning) today.

She wins!!!!!


  1. Great pictures. I remember CandyLand - I bet she had fun in DoraLand! Enjoy every moment as they grow up way too fast!


  2. Gotta love Candy Land...we have had many, many games of Candy Land here! Hi-Ho Cherry-O is another good one for little ones...we played that a lot, too.

  3. She certainly does look mighty happy with her new game! My littlest guy has been on an Uno kick lately. Uno, Uno, Uno...each and every day...


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