Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Camping We Will Go.....Sort Of

We've been enjoying much cooler temperatures lately. Still not quite as cool as October usually is, but a nice change from the 100+ degree weather we were having!

Chip had to work on Saturday and he didn't get to sleep much at all. So when he got home Sunday morning, he was wiped out. He was planning to go to church, be we knew that if he did, he'd be no good to us the rest of the day.

So he stayed home to get some much needed sleep, while the kids and I went to church.

After we got home and had lunch, it was time for Ruthi's nap.

This was the perfect time for a nap for me as well. (Why is it I always feel like I need a nap on Sunday afternoon?)

Once we were all rested, Chip had the idea of setting up the tent and having dinner outside.

So I ran to the store to pick up some brats and marshmallows for our impromptu camp out.

Soon we were all set up and cooking our dinner over the fire. Of the grill.

We made brats, hot dogs, baked beans and macaroni and cheese. Perfect camping food.

Then we sat around the fire, roasting marshmallows and just enjoying some family time on this very pleasant evening. Warm enough that we didn't need a coat, yet cool enough to enjoy the campfire and not feel like it was roasting us. Perfect.

Ruthi had her first taste of roasted marshmallow.

She wasn't thrilled. She much preferred them "in the raw".

We took quite a few pictures, (much more than I'm posting) so I made a slide show for the sake of time and space.

In one picture you may notice an extra child. He's our other son. And he always shows up when we are roasting marshmallows. LOL. Actually, he's usually here if CJ's not next door with him - they really are like brothers.

Except they don't fight.

Most of the time.

Also notice that after the picture of Ruthi eating a marshmallow, she's got one in her hand during the next three pictures.

She really likes marshmallows.

She only ate about 3 or 15.

I really don't let her eat marshmallows all the time. Only when we are camping, or if she's potty training. (Which of course, she no longer needs an incentive or reward for.)

However, she would eat marshmallows every day if I'd let her.

But I don't.

So no need to call CPS.

Besides, she had such a healthy dinner! Baked beans, macaroni and cheese, 2 hot dogs and half of a brat!

But she didn't eat the buns, so it was low carb!

OK, REALLY, she eats better than this most days! After all, she LOVES her greens.


It was beginning to get quite cool outside, so Ruthi and I headed in, and left the guys to "rough it" outside for the night.

Don't get me wrong, I love to camp. And Ruthi is now at the age to be inducted into tent sleeping.

However, when the house is just right there...well, it's much easier to sleep in the house!

But this really put me in the mood to go camping for real, and I'm hoping there is a trip in our very near future. It just needs to be a little cooler during the day for me to really enjoy it.

So, that was our evening, and we had a great time. Enjoy the pictures. (I even added ones I don't find very flattering of myself...ugh...but I know I'm working on changing that, so I'm ok with it!)

And I'm off to bed. Yes, I know it's before midnight. I may be beginning to lose my night owl ways. I guess I'm getting old. Ugh.



  1. love the at-home camping idea! that is probably the best we could manage for a long time!

  2. Sounds oh, so fun! Especially the part where you get to go sleep in your own bed.

  3. I'd say Ruthi definitely deserved somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-15 marshmallows after eating such a good supper!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time!!


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