Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Warm and Cozy

I tossed a load of warm towels from the dryer onto the couch, and while I was putting another load in the dryer, Ruthi decided to get warm and cozy! She pulled them off the couch and began to snuggle down in them. CJ "helped" and piled them around her. When I asked her if it was nice and warm, she said "oooooooooo, wowel" (towels). CJ wanted his picture with her too, so here they are together. (I'm very pleased to say, he's been much more willing to have pictures taken recently after a (phase, maybe?) of not wanting pictures taken and actually making funny faces when I tried.)
I am very glad to be feeling back to "normal" (whatever that is) again! I spent 5 days in bed (well, technically, on the couch) with very little getting up. I was having horrible sinus pressure in my ears, and it was making me very nauseous, and I could barely function. What a horrible feeling! Thankfully Chip takes wonderfully good care of me and the kids when I am sick. He cooked and cleaned (well, he did wash dishes) all week, entertained Ruthi and let me rest. He took a shift off on Saturday, so he was around all 5 days. I went to the doctor yesterday. Thankfully there was no infection, but she said my ears were "sucked in" and that was why I was feeling so much pressure. OTC meds weren't helping, so she gave me a stronger decongestant, and I am feeling TONS better today! But Ruthi has been a bit cranky and stuffy, so I'm giving her Sudafed and hopefully she'll feel better fast. She even took TWO naps today!!! (She NEVER does that!) I talked to Chip earlier tonight (he's at the station) and he said he's not feeling well. I sure hope they are feeling better quick, and this doesn't stop our Thanksgiving plans!!


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