Sunday, November 05, 2006


Lost is CJ's favorite TV show, and one of my favorites. So on Wednesday nights, I let him stay up late and we watch it together. When Chip went to South Dakota last week to go hunting, the he brought us home a 1,000 piece Lost puzzle. So this weekend, we decided to open it up and work on it. We began Friday night. (That's why we were up late.) We worked on it most of the day on Saturday, and most of the day today. This is by FAR the most challenging puzzle I've EVER done! The biggest reason - there is no picture to know what it is supposed to look like! And it is not just a big picture, but dozen's of smaller ones in which we have to figure out how each one connects to the next. Very challenging, but I love a challenge, and have been totally obsessed with this thing! Not to mention, we can't eat at the table until it's complete! As of right now, it is almost complete with only about 100 pieces still needing a home. I took this picture yesterday, but CJ wouldn't let me take one up close of his face.

Now you can see why we can't eat at the table! And amazingly enough, Ruthi has totally left it alone - only eagerly picking up pieces for us that have dropped on the floor. What a good girl!

Poor CJ, his face looks even worse today, so there was no picture taking today whatsoever! And he's been very itchy in spite of the Benedry and the Benedryl spray. And all that in his system makes for a bit of a grumpy boy too! Unless he wakes up in the morning with major improvement, I will be calling the doctor first thing! I just feel horrible for him. And we can't convince him for anything that him scratching it is making it worse! Poor baby! I'll post an update soon!


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