Monday, November 06, 2006

Update on CJ

Well, poor guy had an awful night last night - I could hear him moaning and groaning, and banging the wall a couple times. This morning his face looked even worse - his right eye was swollen almost shut. So I called the doctor, and they were able to get us right in. So we got ready, jumped in the car, wouldn't start! The battery was dead. Chip was at workand of course none of the neighbors were home. So I called Chip, he made one phone call and help was on the way. Our mechanic shop is a mile up the road, so one of those guys came to help - he got there quite quickly, gave the car a jump, and off we were - and we were only 5 minutes late!! (Thankfully I had not waited until the last minute to walk out the door!)
The doctor said it looked like poison ivy - we had considered that, but it looked a little different than usual, and it usually covers him everywhere, so I wasn't convinced before. She gave him some prednisone since it was on his face and so bad. She also gave us a couple of EpiPens just in case he has trouble breathing again due to a reaction in the future. Prednisone must be some really good stuff, because he is feeling much better and is being much more pleasant! (Benedryl turns him into a very grumpy bear!) She said that this would make him very moody, but so far so good. And most of all, he's not completely miserable anymore! I am so happy.

After leaving the doctor's office and getting the prescriptions filled, I ran by the mechanic's shop so he could test my battery. He had told me to leave it running for about 30 minutes so it could charge up - he was concerned it was the alternator, so I left it running (with the doors locked) while we were at the doctor. I went by, he checked it and all was good - he said maybe it was just because it was so cold this morning. I didn't say it was probably because I had forgotten to turn off the satellite radio on Friday and the car had been sitting there all weekend with that thing on!

Anyway, Monday is almost over - thankfully - and now I need to prepare for the rest of this very busy week! I'm tired just thinking about it!


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