Friday, November 10, 2006

Awards Night

Well, thankfully CJ is doing MUCH better. His face is almost completely cleared up, and no more headaches. THANK HEAVENS!!!! Last night was the Awards Ceremony for Upward Basketball. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get many pictures due to the lighting, where we were sitting, and the fact that I was chasing Ruthi during the whole thing. Tommy Johns came againg this year, and he was awesome. His illusions always baffle everyone. The kids had a great time and received cute bobble head trophies and duffle bags. Chips coach also gave his team a gift, so CJ got a watch as well. Here he is with his coach, Charles, and a picture of his trophy.

What was really cool though, was after everthing was done. I had gone to tell Tommy thank you for coming again this year (I had called to book him, so I had to thank him!) and he showed us how to do one of his tricks. It was so cool! Then we helped him take his bags out. He asked CJ if he wanted to see the coolest card trick EVER, and of course CJ said yes. So he did it a couple times, and blew our minds. He asked if he had 5 minutes to learn it, which of course we did. So we went back in and he revealed his secret. Talk about cool! AND he gave CJ the deck of cards he was using so CJ could practice it. This guy is great!! He's going to be doing a magic camp after the first of the year, and I think CJ is going to it for sure. Hopefully he'll have this trick mastered by then and can show Tommy! We may have a little magician on our hands!!

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  1. It has been way too long since I've checked your blog. (I was out of the country for three weeks and have been back about two now.) I have enjoyed catching up on all your news. Poor CJ! I'm glad he's much better now. Jeff is highly alergic to poison ivy, as well. And I love the pictures of that little girl. (you know I'm partial to girls, although a grand son is pretty wonderful, too!) She is certainly growing up fast! Love you!


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