Friday, October 20, 2006

May I Have This Dance?

We had some music playing, and Ruthi and I were dancing around, just being silly. She LOVES to dance! Chip watched us for a few minutes, and, although he's not much for dancing, needed to have a turn dancing with his daughter! Ruthi loves to dance with her Daddy...and Chip loves to dance with her...and I love to watch puts the biggest smile on my face, and just melts my heart. He says he has to practice dancing with her so he can dance with her at her wedding. Thankfully, that is a LONG way off! If this already brings tears to my eyes, I will be a total mess on that day! I love being able to capture these moments, and so thankful that today's technology allows me to do so quite easily! Especially since it's the only way I can hold on - just a little bit - to moments like this! I may not be able to slow time down, but at least I can "freeze" a few memories so I can always look back and remember! What a precious site - a Father and his Daughter - there are not too many things better than that


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