Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kitty Love

Poor Frisco.....it's a VERY good thing we have such a tolerant cat. Because Ruthi ADORES this kitty! She chases her around, picks her up, and carries her all over the house. I hear her say "shhh" and then if I listen closely, I hear Frisco's tiny mew, as if she's saying, "I love you too, but please let me go now!" And Ruthi keeps sweetly saying "shhh" as she rocks and kisses her like a baby. But I thought it was so extremely cute to find Ruthi sitting proudly in her bed rocking her kitty. She really does love this cat. And Frisco must love her too, because she puts up with a LOT! And when she's had enough, she retreats to our room under the bed, or high out of Ruthi's reach on top of the kitchen cabinets! But when her paws hit the ground, beware, because I think Ruthi can hear that sound even in her sleep! Yes, I think this is true love!


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