Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Girly Girl

Yep....She's 100% girl for sure. Ruthi loves to "dress up". She loves her necklaces and will carry as many bags on her arm as she can find. Loves the sunglasses, and usually is sporting a headband with a big bow too. Although here she's just playing around, this is what I go through when we are going to the store. She wants to take it all, including baby dolls and baby bottles!! I love watching this girly personality of hers develop. It is so much fun to watch. What amazes me is the things that just seem to come natural, like wearing the bags on her arm. That wasn't taught, just an instinct. Just like little boys with their "vroom vroom" of the cars. Oh, she is growing far too fast, and it is bittersweet. We have loved every little milestone so far and get a kick our of her everyday when she does or says something new. And though I wish I could slow time down a little so I could enjoy each thing a little longer, I also can't wait to see what she's going to do next!


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