Monday, November 24, 2008

So Sensitive

I'm still here...and I'm still plugging away at my November tackling. I know I haven't updated, but I've been quite busy. And I still am. Big things are happening this week. I will update soon, I promise! I'll have half the month of tackles to list, but I'll get them listed eventually!

This morning I woke up to make sure Chip was awake for work. (I'm the back up just in case his clock doesn't work for some reason.) Usually I go right back to sleep. But I have so much to do today I decided to stay up.

I went into the kitchen and began unloading the dishwasher when I heard Ruthi crying. I went to check on her, and discovered she had obviously been unhappy dream...about our cat.

She LOVES the cat, so the thought of anything happening to her upsets Ruthi majorly.
When I asked her what was wrong, she said, "The kitty leaved us!"
The cat happened to be right there, so I picked her up, showed her to Ruthi and assured her the cat did not leave us.

She reached up to pet the cat, but continued to cry, "Franklin gotted her to die!" she sobbed. Franklin is a show about a turtle and his family that she loves to watch. Apparently she was dreaming that Franklin caused Frisco to die.

Again, I assured her the kitty was just fine, and was right there. Then, as she's wiping the tears that are streaming down her face away, she says, "But I dreamed she has a broken paw - she couldn't walk without that!" Poor baby, she was so terribly upset.

By then, she was becoming more awake, and finally realized the cat really was ok. So she loved on her for a little bit, and all was right in her world again.

She is so incredibly sensitive. And when it comes to animals - any animal, she gets really uspet if something happens. She cried the first time she watched The Wizard of Oz, when the witch took Toto from Dorothy. She cried, "But the girl needs her dog!" And it took me a while to convince her that Dorothy would get Toto back.

One of her newest favorite movies is Air Bud. She had seen it a few times, but for some reason had missed the very beginning those first few time. She caught the beginning recently and I heard her crying. She was upset that the dog had fallen out of the back of the truck and was all alone. And I mean REALLY upset! I had to remind her that the boy finds the dog, and that the dog is ok.

She is sensitive about lots of other things too, and gets her feelings hurt very easily. I pray that I'm always sensitive to her sensitivities and can be encouraging and always help her though these things. The joys of raising a girl! And I love it!

By the was about 5:30 this morning when she woke up. I thought she'd surely go right back to sleep. That didn't happen. It's almost 7 now and she's still awake.
She JUST now said to me, "Mom, if you don't get any sleep, you will be tired!" I told her I did get sleep. She looked toward the window where the sun is just now barely trying to come up. She says, "Oh, it's starting to get brighter...I can stay up"! She followed that up with a big yawn.'s going to be a fun day. I hope her nap comes early before she realizes how tired she actually is!

Now I need to go get busy!


  1. poor little thing! Hope she's alright.

  2. Isn't it sweet to be so innocent. : )

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Oh my, Ruthi sounds just like Gray! Sooooooo sensitive! An example of the kinds of things he does: back when he was four-years-old, he heard about how endangered pandas are. He was absolutely beside himself. All on his own, he sat down and wrote this letter which said something like, "Dear construction workers, Please stop building and cutting down all the bamboo. The pandas need it." Of course, three quarters of the words were spelled wrong (he was only 4). And then he stuck it in an envelope, and wrote "Asia" on the front for its address. When he brought this to Rich and I to mail, I nearly cried. Anyway, I think life can be really hard on these "hyper-sensitive" souls (I know it sure is for Gray), but I also think they're the kind of people who can make a big difference in the world!
    Give that little sweetheart of yours a big hug for me...she's one very special little girl!

  4. Bryn can be very sensitive like that sometimes and we periodically have a little girl in our bed that has just had a dream about something bad happening to one of our Ddebi said, sometimes life can be tough on the sensitive ones, but they are the kind that can do big things one day!


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