Saturday, November 08, 2008

Here They Are!

I promised I'd "tackle" getting the pictures up this weekend from our Mountain trip. And I did it! Go me! LOL.

We headed up to Blairsville, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We rented a cabin, and it was very nice. We all enjoyed it so much. Neither of the kids wanted to leave. Everytime we would go somewhere, Ruthi was asking to make sure we were going back to the cabin and not home!

It was beautiful, cozy and had all the comforts of home. Well, almost. It is advertised that there is WiFi. And there is. But it didn't work in the cabin. The only way to get connected was to drive up to the office and sit outside in the car to connect. I only did that once. And that was because I had an email that really needed to go out. It just wasn't convenient for surfing or blogging!

But that's ok. To tell you the truth, I really (suprisingly) didn't miss it too much. I also forgot my phone charger, so I had no cell phone the whole time. And I didn't miss it either! We did have sattelite tv, which was nice, especially that allowed Ruthi to watch her favorite shows.

We did more relaxing than anything, and it was so nice. We rode the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway one day. It's an hour train ride that takes you to McCaysville GA and Copperhill, TN. And I just had to get a pic of the kids with one foot in GA and one in TN. We were stopped for two hours which gave up plenty of time to each lunch and check out some of the shops. Then the whistle signaled it was time to leave. So we reboarded and headed back to the station. It was a lot of fun.

We did a little shopping and sight seeing, but really we just hung out and relaxed, and it was one of our most fun vacations! Chip and CJ took their bikes with the plans to hit some mountain bike trails. But it was entirely too cold. (We even saw snow flurries one morning!) They took a test run just around the roads by the cabin, and quickly discovered there was no way they'd be going to the trails. Just too cold!

We loved being able to have a fire every night, and it made us wish that much more that we had a fireplace at home! Sigh.

There were two decks on the back of the cabin - an upper deck with a table, grill and a hammock; and a lower deck which had a hot tub. We were really hoping to use the hot tub. However...remember I mentioned how cold it was? Yeah...well, Chip and I did not want to have to get out of that warm water and walk all the way back up to the top deck in the freezing cold. And neither of us thought to bring robes. So it was a no go. Though CJ did brave it one night. Guess we are bigger wimps than he is!

The only bad thing about the trip was that it ended too soon. It was so nice and I definitely want to go back. Maybe when it's not so cold next time!

Anyway, as usual, I have tons of pictures, so here they are in a slide show.


  1. Looks like a fabulous trip!!!!

  2. Sounds so nice and relaxing! Sometimes it is nice to be computer free (even if it is unintended!).

  3. loved the slideshow!

    sounds like you had a fab time!


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