Thursday, August 21, 2008

Born to Shop

I think Ruthi has loved shopping since the day she was born. When she was just a little thing of few words, we'd walk down the shoe aisle and she'd stick out her feet and squeal, "Shoooes!" And she wanted to try them on.
One day last year we were shoe shopping and I was trying on a pair. She told me, "Walk over there and let me see." The girl cracks me up.

She loves to shop, and she loves to help. When we are buying groceries, she reaches into the back of the cart and grabs everything she can reach to place up on the checkout counter. And then she helps when it comes time to put the groceries away.

She's a natural.

Today I had to buy some groceries. This time, she was prepared to shop. She had everything she needed - her purse complete with lipstick, mirror, comb and of course, her "cards". She also had her baby along which fit perfectly in the front of her shopping cart.

Yes, HER shopping cart. And look at how cute she is.

(I'm quite thankful for my camera phone right now!)

I don't think she's ever had so much fun in the grocery store. She even kept telling me, "Mommy, I love shopping with you." Well of course she did today!

She did so well. She stuck right by me and didn't run over or into anything. When I needed something from a shelf that was on her level, she was thrilled to get it for me and put it in her cart. By the time we were finished, her cart was quite full.

When we finally arrived at the checkout, she eagerly placed her items on the belt. As soon as she was finished, she opened her purse and pulled out her "credit card." She had to swipe her card to complete the transaction. It was the cutest thing. She pulled it out, reached up to the swiper thingy (yes of course, that's what' it's called!) and proceeded to swipe it.

What I didn't tell her, was that for this machine, you have to swipe from the top to the bottom. She didn't notice that, and "swiped" her card right across the top. I figured it wouldn't have hurt anything if she had managed to get it where it was supposed to go, since it was just a toy card anyway. But the swipe across the top seemed to satisfy her.

However, she wouldn't be totally satisfied until she got to push a button! So once my transaction was completed, and I knew that a button push wouldn't matter, I allowed her to push just one. What a funny girl.

Once her card had at least one bag in it, she was ready to head for the car. I do believe she thinks of today as the best shopping trip ever!

Now I wonder if I'll ever get her into another store without her shopping cart in tow! I may have just created a little monster.

At least she's a cute one!


  1. this is so fun to see! since mine is a couple of years ahead of ruthi, i can promise you are going to enjoy so many fun mom/dtr moments with her! we just had our toes done!

    oh, but then there is the hormone factor!!

  2. How funny! And she's obviously a smart girl as she already understands the value of a great pair of shoes!

  3. I love it! My girls would rather stay home than shop with me now
    )C: Sometimes I can talk them into it. Mainly grocery shopping they could do without.

    I did buy this grocery cart math book that I'm going to try. I think once a month I'll take them to teh store and do it. I'm not sure what the ages are on it. But it looks like it can be varied.


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