Thursday, August 07, 2008

I'm Such A Bad Blogger... least lately, that is. I really thought I'd have more time this week, but I've just been keeping busy. And my mind doesn't seem to slow down enough to actually sit down and have to THINK!

I did finally get caught up on my blog reading - at least that doesn't require much thinking! But I know I need to get back in the game here!

I can't believe summer is almost "officially" over. I'm not ready for it to be! We've been having fun and I don't want it to end. Of course, one of the advantages of homeschooling, is that it doesn't have to completely end for us - we usually don't even go on our vacation until September when everyone else is in school!

Let me back up though and try to do a little recap.

Week before last (was it really that long ago? sheesh!) my neigbor Denise's Mom (Cathy), sister (Cindy), and nephew (Evan) came to spend the week with her. We all spent a huge portion of the week here at my house scrapbooking! And though I didn't actually get very many pages completed during that week, I've gotten many done since then. That week definitely reignited my scrapping bug! Denise and Cindy were whipping out pages left and right, but I tend to move slower and I was having too much fun socializing anyway!

The cutest thing was Ruthi and Evan. He is 10, and he loves younger children. So he would play with her for just about as long as she wanted him to. And she LOVED every second. But even cuter, was how she pronounced his name. She called him Heaven. So adorable, and I'm pretty sure he liked it too.

On that Monday we went bowling. This was the first time Ruthi had ever been, and she had an absolute blast. Well, after she finally got the hang of waiting her turn.
She loved rolling the ball down, but just couldn't stand the though that she was going to have to wait for four more ball rolls before she could go again. Here's
proof of how upset she was.

Thankfully, that didn't last too long. Pretty soon she was eagerly and cheerfully awaiting her turn. And pretty soon, it was back to this face.

The bad thing that happened this day - when we first arrived and paid at the counter, I went to pick up my camera and managed to drop it - from that HIGH counter all the way to the hard floor. EVERYONE let out a loud gasp as it hit. I was devastated. Denise quickly distracted me by reminding me that this was going to be a great day, that it was Ruthi's first time bowling! I think she could see the tears welling up in my eyes, and I am very thankful for her distracting abilities. My camera wouldn't even come on. Thankfully, they had brought their cameras too, so all was not lost for first time bowling pictures. However, I realize now that I only have a few shots of CJ - and they are all from the back. I'm sure I would have taken more if not for my camera incident. But at least between the cameras that were there, we got some cute ones of Ruthi's big first!

And what a first it was! The first game wasn't so fabulous. She got more gutter balls than anything.

But then we discovered the ramps. Once we figured out how to line that thing up, she really had a blast. That, and the fact that we decided on a heavier ball. She was using a 6 pound ball that she could manage on her own. However, it just wouldn't make it all the way down without taking a hard turn for the gutter. So I found a heavier ball for her to use. She couldn't carry it herself, so I helped her.

I would get a hold of it so it wouldn't drop on her toes, and she would "carry" it from underneath. We would walk it over the the ramp and I'd let go. She would send it rolling down that ramp and stand to watch how many pins would fall.

And did they ever fall. Look at this!

Yes, that is her score on the bottom - she beat both of the boys! Sure, they didn't have the aid of a ramp, but they're OLDER after all! LOL!

She would get SO excited. As the ball would roll down the lane, she'd say, "Maybe this time!" And the delight on her face when those pins would fall was priceless.

The third game got even better. Look at what she did!

Your eyes are not playing tricks. That is 3 strikes in a row!!! I don't have a picture of the final screen for this game, but she bowled a 139! That's better than I usually bowl! I think I want to use a ramp next time! Just kidding. Sort of.
And we were able to get printouts of the scores so they will be scrapbooked with the photos.

In spite of the camera incident, it was a wonderful day.
And, by the way, my ultra-fabulous hubby was able to get my camera working again! I'm sure he is even more relieved than I am, because he knew he was about to be buying a new camera! He even told me to look online and start deciding what I want. And as much as I'd love to have a new camera, there are other things that are more important at the moment, so I'm also thankful we are not having to shell it out for a new one!

I intended to do a full recap of the past couple of weeks, but this post has gotten really long. And because I decided to sit down and blog, instead of doing what I should be doing, it is now 12:37 AM and I still need to go iron Chip's uniform for in the morning!

So, I'll end here and I promise I'll be back to finish before the weekend is over. I haven't even gotten to our fun trip where the picture in my last post was taken. (And you were right Jan - it is World of Coke!)


  1. whoa, my heart stopped there for a minute! so glad it didn't break!

    love that ruthi face! my 4 year old has a hard time with that concept as well.

  2. I know what you mean...I'm not ready for summer to be over either! We still have all our "fun trips" coming up, but just the thought of September arriving has me blue.

    Sounds like you all have been having a blast! Can't wait to see what else you've been up to!

  3. I wasn't ready for summer to end either.

    Great photos!

  4. Do you use bumpers at all? At our local bowling alley, we can set the bumpers so that they only come up for specific bowlers. So my blind kiddo gets bumpers, but my husband and I don't.


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