Saturday, August 09, 2008

Blogging Poolside...

Kiddie poolside, that is.

In my backyard.

Listening to the very high pitched squeals of a 3 year old as her big brother squirts her with the water gun.

In the water.

Where he might get her wet.

Good heavens.

And it's much harder blogging out here that I'd like it to be. My screen is very shiny and I can see more of the reflection of my house and myself than I can of what is actually on the screen!

But I'm blogging anyway. Because I'm so far behind. And I really don't want to be in the pool at the moment.


I left off with our bowling adventure in my last post.

That was what we did on Monday of the "big" week. On Tuesday morning we headed out to go see the free movie. They were playing "Horton Hears a Who." But when we arrived, all the workers were outside waving everyone away.

They had to cancel the showing due to something that caused the sprinkler system to go off and everything was wet.

I knew a meltdown was imminent and was trying to do some quick thinking. Thankfully, Denise had a brilliant idea - the park!! Ruthi LOVES to go to the park, and since it was early, it wasn't terribly hot yet and was the perfect solution.

CJ had no desire to go to the movie, so he was with Chip. Ruth and "HEvan" had a great time. Unfortunately, my camera still wasn't working at the time, so I have no pictures to share from the park. I did take a few with a disposable camera, but I've yet to get them developed.

Both Monday and Tuesday, after our outings, we spent the rest of those days scrapbooking. On Wednesday we spent most of the day scrapbooking.

On Thursday we went to the World of Coke. The picture I posted here was taken there with the Coke Polar Bear.

If you look closely at Ruthi's face in that picture, you will notice that she is wearing a forced smile. She was quite terrified of that bear. We were standing in line waiting for our turn when she caught a glimpse of him and realized he was moving. She was standing by me, holding my hand. She slowly started backing away, pulling my hand with her. She did NOT want to make her way closer to him.

I picked her up and assured her it was only someone dressed up, and she didn't need to be scared. She was not convinced. As we walked up to him, he stood up. She let out the biggest scream and had the most horrified look on her face. I convinced her to look away from him and to look at Denise who was holding the camera. She did, but she knew that bear was behind her and was still quite scared. I think the fact that he was SO big really sent her over the edge. She didn't mind seeing him from a distance afterward, but she did not want to get close to him again.

Ironically, at the end of the trip, in the gift shop, she picked out a polar bear to take home!

The whole trip was a blast. The 4-D theater was awesome except for the "bug" that "stung" us in the back. I wasn't sure how Ruthi would do, but she loved it. The seats were moving a bit too much for her liking, but once she was in my lap, she was good. She did jump a couple of times when it looked like things were coming toward her, but she loved it overall.

For about 30 minutes before we made it to the tasting room she started asking for "Pite." (Sprite). So once we made it into there, she got her fill. And she had no desire to taste any of the others.

Right after we walked in, CJ and Evan got chosen to do a little race. CJ stood behind Evan and had to be Evan's arms and poured the drink without being able to see what he was doing as he had to put it to Evan's mouth so he could drink it. It was hilarious!

I do believe the tasting room was the highlight of the trip - especially for the boys. CJ's friend Ronald went along with us and he seemed to have a fantastic time as well.

Here are a few pictures.

(OK - I took a break here - I got in the pool with the kids for a while. Chip even came and joined us and we had some great family time. Then he went in to crash. And I fell asleep early, so I didn't get the pictures loaded. Now it is Sunday night after a long day today. But as promised, I'm still getting these pictures up before the weekend is over!)

CJ being silly.

Our little group.

CJ being Evan's hands.

Having fun tasting all the varieties of Coke. (Some of which are simply awful!)

Ruthi was unsure about this 'guy' behind us after her polar bear encounter!

CJ & Ronald. (Ruthi was a bit afraid of this car - we had told her the bear went to take a nap. When she saw this car, she was sure the bear was napping inside!)

When we left, we went to eat at The Varsity. Unfortunately, I don't have any great pictures from there. Then we headed home, stopping at Wal-Mart on the way so Denise and Cindy could print their pictures. Once we were home we did some more scrapbooking, of course!

And that's all for now. If you made it this far, congratulations!


  1. Looks like lots of fun! And I can't wait to blog poolside (C: or just anywhere other than at a desk. How about curled up on my couch...hopefully in about 2 months.

  2. You've gotta love the tasting room!!!! That was our favorite part too! : )

  3. That looks like so much fun. I would love to try out that tasting room. I *heart* Coke. (Diet)

  4. Oh my...looks like a blast. I, of course, am a Diet Coke-aholic. :) Love that you posted so many photos!

  5. Oh my...looks like a blast. I, of course, am a Diet Coke-aholic. :) Love that you posted so many photos!


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