Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quick Update

Thankfully Ruthi didn't have any more vomiting issues. But she was puny all day on Sunday and very clingy and whine. Poor baby was miserable. I think the worst of hers is over.

CJ has been stuffy, but other than that he's doing ok. He has a physical this afternoon that I REALLY wish I didn't have to take him to. I want to go back to bed.

Chip is miserable. He's in bed. He thinks he might have a sinus infection. I'm praying it's not the flu.

I'm pretty miserable myself. When I'm not sneezing, I have the constant urge to sneeze. And my nose won't stop running. And I'm just tired. I'm pretty sure mine is a cold. It feels totally different than the sinus stuff. And I don't have a fever or anything, so I'm hoping it's just a cold. But even if that's all it is, it's wiping me out!

Which really stinks because Saturday is a big 90th birthday party for Chip's Grandmother and if we don't get better quick, we may miss it. I was supposed to be doing a cake but am just not up for it (thankfully at least this didn't all start on Friday when it would be too late for a plan B!) So that stinks. But it will be just plain rotten if we have to miss this! Not that often you get to go to a 90th birthday of a Grandparent!

I'm off to rest until time for CJ's appointment. Then back to bed. I guess finishing his room is going to have to wait. Sigh.

Oh, and I haven't broken the news to Ruthi yet that she won't get to go to Rainbows tonight. She won't be happy about that. At.All.
She talks about it all the time. I think I won't come out and tell her. I won't mention it unless she does. Not looking forward to those tears! Sigh again.


  1. Well bless your heart. Try some Benadryl (store brand works just as well) for the sneezing/sniffling. That should alleviate your symptoms a bit. Then bring Ruthi into your bedroom, put on a good Disney movie for her, crawl into bed and SNOOZE!

    Good luck, girl.

  2. Ah, I hope you're all up and feeling better right quick! I really hope you get to attend the birthday party...that would be heart-breaking to have to miss, huh? Feel better, girl!

  3. Ohhh BOOOOOO! I am so sorry to hear that your house has become a "germ party". I soooooo hope you get well soon so that you can attend the birthday party! Get to bed and rest!!! ((hugs))


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