Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quick Update and AI Recap

Update - Chip and I are still sick. Sneezing, runny nose, tired, run down, just not feeling well in general...Chip stayed home from work today. I took some cold medicine last night and it allowed me to sleep like a baby, which was very nice. If it wouldn't knock me out cold, I'd take more right now. But I'm trying to be awake for a while so Ruthi doesn't get so bored! She's doing a puzzle right now. She's still a little congested, but Sudafed seems to be working for her. CJ's checkup went great, and he's coming out easy in all this sick stuff!

For the past 2 or 3 seasons of American Idol, I've enjoyed reading the recap posts on other peoples' blogs. I thought it would be fun to do my own. Since I'm still not feeling good, this first one will be just a short rundown of what I thought of the singers from the past two nights. Just wanted to get it on here before the results show tonight.

First of all, I have to say that I was pleased with last week's results - I think the right people went home.

OK, first the guys:

Michael Johns - (I have to be a fan of his, as he is from my state - and not too terribly far away either!) I like him, but I think he could have done a little better this week. It wasn't his best performance.

John Castro - I think he's such a cutie pie! I think he did ok on the song, but I felt he seemed a bit nervous. And I'd like to hear him sing without the guitar too. I think he uses it to give him something to do with his hands so he doesn't feel so uncomfortable.

Luke Menard - A.DOR.A.BLE I really like him. I actually had never heard this song before, so I didn't have the original to compare him to. But I liked it - I thought it was fun. I might feel differently if I heard the original - I don't know!

Robbie Carrico - I'm kind of indifferent on this guy - haven't mad my mind up yet. I thought he did ok. Better than Randy and Paula thought.

Danny Noriega - Not a Danny fan. I don't really care for his attitude; to me, he comes off a bit cocky sometimes. Song was just ok.

David Hernandez - Like him. WOW. Loved his song - amazing!

Jason Yeager - On the fence with him, kinda falling more toward not a fan. Wasn't crazy about his song, I thought he was kind of corny.

Chikezie - Until this week, I wasn't sure if I liked him. Loved him this week.

David Cook - Another one where I'm a fence sitter - just can't make up my mind. But he sounded ok. And Simon can be a big baby sometimes - I think he proved it in the dialog following this song. (But I still love Simon!)

David Archuleta - Such a cutie! And WOW, this kid is gonna go far! Wow!

My favorites - The Davids and Chikezie
Going home? I'm predicting Robbie and Jason

And the Girls:

Carly Smithson - I like her but probably not as much as most do. She can sing though, and I thought she did a good job.

Syesha Mercado - I think she is adorable and I really like her. Her baby cry was hilarious and sounded very real! I like how she changed up the song. Although I do think there were some pitch issues, I liked it.

Brooke White - Yeah - the beauty school thing surprised me - especially since I think someone needs to get a hold of her hair! Anyway...Ok, loved this song on her - perfect choice for her and she did a fantastic job. And hey - the judges agree with me! And I loved that she kind of sang it to Simon - too funny!

Ramiele Malubay - She is so cute and I still can't believe the voice that comes out of her! Wasn't too crazy about her song though. Even though it was upbeat, it was a bit boring to me. Definitely didn't show off her voice.

Kristy Lee Cook - Really liked her - great song choice. I think she did a great job. And I agree she should try the country route - I think she would do well with it. And doesn't she have the perfect name to be a country singer?

Amanda Overmyer - I haven't been a fan of Amanda since the beginning. Just not my style of music. Chip really likes her though. I guess with her you either really like her or you really don't! I don't. And I didn't like the song. But I felt bad for her - she looked like she might have been choking back a tear or two.

Alaina Whitaker - Loved her last week. This week, I think she did pretty good. She reminds me so much of Carrie Underwood.

Alexandrea Lushington - I really like her but think she fell a bit flat on this song. And she's practically a neighbor, so I have to be a fan of hers!

Kady Malloy - There's something about Kady - I can't put my finger on it - but I just don't care for her. HATED her song. And I think maybe she should stick to opera - that actually sounded good!

Asia'h Epperson - She is pretty! Love her but I think she fell short on this one.

Favorites this week - Brooke and maybe Kristy?
Going home? Tough one, I'm really not sure. Hopefully Kady, and I think Amanda is in danger.

I really wish they didn't make you lose a boy and a girl (or two). I know they want an even number of girls and guys in the top 12, but I think they really should just go for the top 12 singers out of the group. I think they end up losing a singer or two that deserves to be in the top because of this. I think that during this point of the competition, when they are dropping 4 at a time, it should be the 4 bottom, period - male or female. But they didn't ask my opinion, did they?


  1. Sorry you are still feeling yuck - that is no good. Get well soon!

    I am about to go in and watch the AI results show and Survivor...does it get any better than that?!?!

  2. Hope your feeling better soon!!!!!! Sending get well vibes to ya!!!!


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