Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Little Rainbow

The program for our 3 & 4 year olds at church is called Rainbows. Last Wednesday I took Ruthi for the first time. She had SO much fun. I couldn't help but take along my camera to capture a little bit of this first for her.

Here she is coloring with her class.

(I've darkened the faces of the other kids, as I don't have permission from their parents to post their picture.)

And here they were playing a game.

What I love is how small the class is. I used to teach this age group and when I did, I had a minimum of 20 three year olds, and many times up to 30! Now they've re-structured and divided the classes into smaller groups and it's great!

And this is awesome - an indoor playground! So wonderful for when the weather doesn't permit any outside play. Not to mention, the big kids aren't allowed in here, so that's another plus! She had SO much fun in here.

A trampoline perfect for her size!

A bicycle built for 5!

And no playroom is complete without a "rock" climbing wall!

Yes, my little Rainbow had a blast and is looking forward to tomorrow night. And she's even learned her first Bible verse - "He leads me." (Psalm 23:2)


  1. What an AWESOME playroom! I would love to have something like that at our church!

  2. I agree - what an AWESOME playroom! Looks like Ruthi had a blast!

  3. Looks like she really enjoyed herself.

    You've been tagged for a "What's on your Fridge" Meme.

    Come here to find out about it.

  4. Looks liek a lot of un -can I be three and go, too?!?!

  5. WOW! That's an amazing playroom!!!!!! WOW!!!

  6. That indoor playroom is incredible. So glad Ruthi had a great time!!


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