Saturday, June 11, 2011

Surfin' Finds - 6-10

I have been a long time reader of Amy over at The Motherload. She does a weekly post called Amy's Notebook in which she links to many things she's seen around the blogosphere that she likes. I love reading her posts and have found many recipes and ideas thanks to her links.

I see many things when I'm blog-browsing as well and thought I'd do something similar and share things I like. I most likely won't be doing it weekly, but whenever I have a few links to share. It will also help me remember where I found the things I want to try! I was trying to come up with a cute name - I don't want to call it Jennifer's Notebook - don't want to look like a total copycat! So, since these are links I find while I'm surfin' the blogosphere, I'll go with Surfin' Finds.

The four links I'm sharing today happen to be recipes...not sure why I'm thinking about food so much...maybe because I haven't cooked in a week! I've been dealing with a terrible sinus infection which has taken everything out of me, and cooking is one of the last things I've wanted to do. But I'm ready to kick this infection, feel great again, and get back in the kitchen!

I haven't used my breadmaker in quite some time. I think I'll try this recipe this weekend - Denise's Bread Machine Cheesy Herb Bread at $5 Dinners.

When I saw Jo-Lynne's recipe for Tilapia Parmesan the other day, I decided to make it for dinner. But, I wasn't feeling good and haven't felt good since then, so it got temporarily scrapped. But I will be making it soon...maybe tonight! It looks so yummy!

And when I make the Tilapia, I think I'll make Ree's pasta to go along with it - Pasta with Pesto Cream Sauce. My basil plants are looking beautiful and I think I have plenty of fresh basil to pull this off!

After all that, I feel like I need I need to post a dessert. This Chocolate Malt Cake at The Tasty Kitchen looks so delicious. If I can find malted milk powder when I go to store (I've never even looked for it before), I may have to try it!


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