Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Surfing

Here are a few things I found 'round the 'net this week. I wasn't really feeling the title "surfin' finds" after all, so I will call this Saturday Surfing now. So, I'll attempt to get these posts up on Saturdays...this, however doesn't mean I'll do it every week, but we'll see how often I do manage it!

And this week, I managed to only include two recipes instead of ONLY recipes!

This post, Cultivating is Key was very thought provoking. Made me think!

I love the idea of making soap dispensers out of tin cans!  I think I'd like to make a few of these and decorate the cans for different seasons/holidays.

I love this candy arrangement - so fun!

This orange lemonade looks delicious and refreshing!

This is a super adorable teacher gift to make!

I love this 4th of July wreath - so easy and inexpensive!

I'm always looking for new cupcake recipes, and these look sooo good!

1 comment:

  1. I had given up on you blogging again, but it is nice to see a few new ones this month.

    One of the reasons I like blogging is because I can read back and remember. That makes it worth doing for me.


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