Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Wednesday

How's that for an interesting title for a post? Yeah...I can't come up with anything else right now!

It's raining here. A lot.

We NEED the rain - we've been in a pretty serious drought for about 3 years now. So we need it. And I try not to ever complain about it. Because of the NEED!


My first 5K race is this Saturday, and I really don't want to run in the rain!
But I will.
BUT, there is the threat of thunderstorms. And I'm a little concerned that the race is going to be cancelled. And then I'm going to be HIGHLY disappointed!

Technically, I've already run a 5K...several times...while training for this. But, this will be my first "official" 5K, and I don't want it to get cancelled!

So, I'm just waiting to see what happens.

I've been working very hard to get ready for this, and I'm quite proud of myself. Then on Sunday, I started not feeling as well as I was. Nothing big, just feeling tired, and my my throat was all scratchy. I ran anyway. I figured it was just allergies.

Then Monday came. And I felt awful! I was coughing all day and just not doing too great. When I woke up Tuesday morning, my chest felt very congested. Tuesday was supposed to be a run day. I decided it was probably best that I not run and try to rest. My chest was really tight and I was feeling pretty miserable.

Then my son reminded me that when I got sick back in November, the doctor had given me an inhaler because I had a bronchial infection. I had completely forgotten! So, I started using it. About 30 minutes after I used it, my chest started loosening up! So I continued using it and drinking hot tea.

By this morning I was feeling much better, just a little congested. So I decided to go ahead and run the rain! I was prepared to take it easy and just walk if I needed to. I didn't want to push myself too hard this close to race day. But I ended up feeling great and running a longer distance without a power walk break than ever before! And when I was finished, my chest felt like all the congestion was gone! Amazing!

So, I'm feeling SO much better. I'm just having one odd thing going on that I haven't figured out yet. The roof of my mouth (at the back) is red and splotchy, and has white dots all over it. It doesn't hurt at all, but if feels like there is a sweater in my throat! I actually woke up this morning like that. Weird. I give the doctor's office a call in the morning and talk to a nurse and see if I can figure out what's going on. I'm thinking it could possibly be a reaction from the inhaler...not sure.

Anyway, I'm planning to run in the rain again tomorrow. I don't usually run consecutive days yet, but it will be the last chance I'll have to run before the race, and I feel like I need one more run.

Wow, that was a lot of talk about running!

I'm getting tired, so I'm going to get off here and try to get some sleep. But before I go, I thought I'd share a few pictures since it's been a while!

I took these pictures of Ruthi recently. She had on my hat and was just being silly, so I started snapping away. I got some cute shots, and these were my favorites. I think she likes the camera just a little bit!

This is her "kissy face". I have pictures of her doing this from way back when she was little bitty. I love this face!


  1. i do hope you feel better soon!

    i love ruthie's kissy faces!

    and i am so totally stealing your great title one day! :)

  2. Can't wait to hear how the 5K went. I hope it didn't get rained out.

    Ruthi is so cute! I don't know why I am telling you that, though - of course you know she is cute!


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