Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Labor Day...10 whole days ago...and now I'm sharing pictures.

The motto of this blog? Better late than never!

I'm accepting it. It could be worse I suppose!

Anyway...on Labor Day, we got together at my Parents' new house. My Granddady, Aunt, Uncle and their two grandsons came as well. We grilled (by we, I mean my Dad) hamburgers and hotdogs, ate plenty, and had a grand ol' time.

Ruthi was so excited that Austin was coming, and those two played non-stop. They had an absolute blast.

Chip had a lot going on, so he and I rode seperately so he could leave early, and I could talk until I had my fill. Well, not my fill really, as that never really happens! But he didn't want me to feel rushed to leave, since I don't get to see my Aunt, Uncle and Granddad that often.

So, when I got out my camera to take some pictures of the kids, CJ had already gone, because he went on home with Chip. He had lawns to mow, and he wanted to get as much done as he could.

Therefore, these are missing my 'little' boy. Somehow, I think he's a lot happier about that than I am! LOL!

On to the cutie pie pictures...

Austin & Ruthi

Austin, Ruthi & Jordan

With my Granddady (Their Great-Granddady!)

And those two cutie pies with my Dad.

I wish we lived closer together, because Ruthi really does love to play with Austin. She loves Jordan too, but he's just not her size!

And all too soon, our visit came to an end.

Just as this post has come to an end, though I wouldn't say it's too soon!


  1. Yep, definitely cutie pie pictures!

  2. I am soooo with you on the better late than never. I've been feeling that the last few weeks. LOL!!

    Great photos!!!!

  3. I just love Ruthi's smile. Just looking at her makes me grin. Very cute photos!

  4. Definitely cute pictures! You do such a good job of taking pictures - your kids will be so thankful to have them all - even CJ!


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