Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, I had about 3 really good days in a row. Very little/almost no headache, and felt better each day. Then yesterday afternoon my head started hurting again - Bad enough that I had to take something. But my upper back/shoulders are hurting too, so I'm sure I need an adjustment. And hopefully that will take care of it.

I didn't get to go walk this morning. CJ has Science class on Fridays, and the only way I could walk with my neighbor was if she wanted to walk earlier. She told me that if she wasn't here by 8:30 to go without her.

So I was ready.

She didn't come.

I would have gone anyway, but my head was still hurting pretty bad. I would have gone in spite of it if she had shown up. But I wasn't up for it otherwise.

So, I took care of a few things at home until it was time for CJ's class.

When I picked him up, we decided to keep our eyes open for yard sales. We had stopped at one last Friday and I spent $6 for 12 clothing items for Ruthi. Not bad!

Today we hit one and I spent $20. Ruthi needs fall and winter clothes right now. I was able to get her 5 pairs of pants, (2 jeans, 2 cords and one little cotton pair) 5 long-sleeve tops/sweaters and one little sweater/shawl. (I think this what they call a pashmina? - I am so not a fashion guru!) Oh, and a too cute denim hat.

I got 2 long-sleeve shirts for CJ. We thought we had found some jeans for him, but the ones that were the right waist size were too short, and the ones that were long enough were too small in the waist. That's what happens with a tall, skinny kid!

And, I got to really nice - almost new pairs of fall shoes for me.

Not bad for $20, huh? And these were pretty nice clothes. I didn't see anything that was stain, or torn or really even showed signs of wear. And she had a TON of clothes! If Ruthi could still wear a 2T, I would have REALLY done well!

Chip is at the station today, so it's just the kids and me. After dinner, I was feeling better. My head still hurt, but not as bad.

Ruthi didn't take a nap today, and I could tell she was getting tired. I wanted her to stay away until at least 8:00, but I didn't want her to be grumpy.

So, I decided to get my walk in. So off the kids and I went. It was nice and cool this evening, so that was a plus.

When we got to the turn around point, I decided to push myself a little and go further.

I've been walking a mile. (Well, been is a little misleading - I've only walked for 2 days - so the two days I walked so far, I walked a mile.)

But Chip had told me the mark for 1.5 miles. So we kept walking.

No big deal, right?

On the way back, there are a few slightly-up-hill places.

Oh my goodness. That extra half mile made a very big difference! I was really huffing and puffing!

I was pushing Ruthi in the stroller. At one point she turned and looked up at me and just stared with a very quizzical look on her face. Then she said, "Mommy, what are you doing?"

Between puffs, I managed to say, "Breathing."

That seemed to satisfy her.

Good thing, because I didn't have the breath at the moment for an explanation!

We walked the mile and a half in just under 45 minutes. I was really booking it as much as I could on the way back, because it was getting dark, and we weren't wearing reflective clothing. And there are no streetlights.

But we made it.

You know what's annoying? CJ didn't even break a sweat! Little turkey!

My head still hurts a little. But amazingly - it didn't hurt at all while I was walking. I didn't even think about it! I plan to go to the chiropractor first thing in the morning. I have to go early, because CJ has a basketball game at 11. And the chiropractor is 30 minutes away.

Well, I have sufficiently cooled down now. So I'm going to get some things done before it gets too late. Ruthi is quietly watching Caillou right now, and if I don't get her in bed, she will fall asleep right in the chair. Not that that would be a bad thing, but I don't want her to fall asleep before she goes to the potty! I'd rather not have to wash bed sheets tomorrow!

This turned out to be a really long post. Sorry! If you stuck with me to the end, congratulations! And I leave you with one final thing.

I've never posted one of these before. But, I've seen this on a few blogs lately, and it is just too funny, so I thought I'd share. If you are a mom, you will love it. (I love this woman - she is so funny, and writes/sings hilarious songs!) Enjoy!


  1. Wow...good for you for getting that walk in after all, and for pushing yourself to boot!

    You sound just like me...all of our clothes and shoes come from thrift stores and the occasional garage sale. Feels so good to come home with a whole pile of nice clothes and to just have spent a few dollars, doesn't it?

  2. Goodness, am I envious of your good garage sale haul! I haven't been doing much of that lately; I'm not sure why. I do want to go check out the new Goodwill near us; maybe I can get the girls some good fall/winter clothes there.

    Congrats on that walk! Maybe the endorphins knocked out your headache for a bit.

  3. Oh that video is great. And I am in need of finding a good garage sale, but haven't had the chance to go by myself. It's not the same when I haul all my kids with me! Good for you!


  4. I never find anything good at garage sales - I am totally jealous!

    And I have started walking, too. This was day 3 for me, so we'll have to keep each other motivated!


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