Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I was Lost!!

Sort of....but not really.

OK, a little while ago my husband was out and about and he called me. He asked me if I had gotten up yet. (I was asleep when he left the house.) I said yes, and he told me to look at the camera. I thought to myself, "Great - he's taken some unflattering pictures of me while I was sleeping."

But before I had time to turn the camera on and take a peek, he told me what had transpired before he left this morning.

Sometime during the night, Ruthi woke up crying, and I decided to just lie down on the couch with her.

This morning, when Chip got up, he couldn't find me. He checked all the rooms - and no me! He noticed the back door was unlocked, so he thought maybe I had gone outside for something. He asked CJ if he knew where I was. He said, "She's on the couch." Chip told him I wasn't there. But then he went to look again. This is what he found:

That's me...right there on the couch.

Do you see me? No? Look a little closer!

Here's a better shot:

Do you see me now?

Here's one more:

I can't imagine why he didn't see me when he first came through there! LOL!

Ruthi really had me buried. And I was sleeping so good! So the tune of 10 AM! Lest you forget, I am a night owl...and though I went to bed "early" last night (midnight), it was still a while before I was able to fall asleep. So I enjoyed sleeping until 10, and apparently, so did Ruthi!

I thought it was pretty funny. And even funnier that he thought to grab the camera and take pictures!


  1. Oh, that is too funny! I definitely didn't see you until that last photo!

  2. Man, you were out like a light! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that takes advantage of summer (no school!) to sleep late sometimes.

  3. That's great! LOL!!!

  4. You were really buried under there...what a riot! And how exciting to sleep until 10...that's a great start to any day in my opinion!

  5. okay seriously.....i can't see you. lol. i have been trying soooooooo hard to find a photo of you. :) hope you had a great night out!


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