Monday, April 23, 2012

My Pioneer Adventure #8 - Make Ahead Muffin Melts

Make Ahead Muffin Melts

I'm always looking for quick breakfasts that are also tasty and not sugar-laden. These Muffin Melts looked like they might be a good choice.

I whipped this mixture up early last week. It didn't last too long. It was yummy on English muffins. We did add the tops to our muffins instead of leaving them open-faced. We've all enjoyed them around here!

It is equally yummy eaten cold on sandwich bread. It's like fancy egg salad. And it's quite good right off the spoon as well!

I will definitely be making this again. It's a nice change at breakfast time!

Please note...this is NOT MY PHOTO! I borrowed this from The Pioneer Woman herself. Though it should be pretty obvious, because my photography skills don't hold a candle to hers...I only wish I could make my food look this pretty in pictures!

But, I completely forgot to take a picture of this before we ate it all. I'll try not to let that happen again!


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