Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is...

My Two Front Teeth!!!

My sweet baby girl lost her front teeth...finally! We noticed these two teeth were loose in December last year! We thought for sure they'd come out before Christmas.

NOT! Those things were holding on TIGHT! I didn't know teeth could hold on that long. I was beginning to think she'd never lose them!

I'm a little behind here...these did come out almost two weeks ago. But the fact that I'm getting around to blog about it at all is a small miracle!

One tooth came out on Tuesday, the 12th. She popped it right out herself. The second one was being a little more stubborn...but it NEEDED to come out. So on Wednesday, her Daddy grabbed hold of it and didn't let go until it came out. This was the first time ever a tooth actually hurt her a little on its exit, but it seemed necessary. I took these pictures on the same Wednesday, and you can already see the other teeth coming in.

I must say, she looks so stinking cute with those teeth missing, and I LOVE the occasional lisp it causes. (Though she INSISTS it doesn't make her talk any differently!) I'm just sad those other teeth are already filling in the gap and I won't get to enjoy this a little longer!

And since these pictures were taken, they have descended even more!


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