Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coloring Fun

We had some fun coloring eggs this evening. Ruthi had been looking forward to it all day. She was very excited. When CJ saw the eggs, he got a little excited too. That sort of surprised me - I really didn't think he had any interest in coloring eggs anymore. I was wrong! So he got in on the fun and colored a few as well.

I posted these pictures on Facebook, minus the ones of CJ. He didn't want them on there, and I honored his request since his friends are on Facebook too. However, his friends don't read my blog, so I'm posting them here!

Ruthi loved dropping the eggs in the cups and fishing them out. When they were dry, she added stickers them. She was very proud of her creations.

The little color kit I bought this time didn't come with a white crayon. That's the first thing CJ looked for! So he raided Ruthi's crayons for one so he could draw pictures and add messages to eggs.

They both had fun. I loved watching Ruthi's excitement. I also enjoyed seeing that my son, who thinks he's all grown up most days, have fun doing something so simple as coloring eggs! It reminded me of watching him when he was Ruthi's age doing this!

Here are some pictures!

Now I'm off to iron our clothes for in the morning, and then to bed.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter!


  1. good old fashion fun!

  2. Great pictures - looks like they both had a good time!


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