Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is the birthday of two very important people in my life.

My hubby turns 35 today.


And my Mom turns a beautiful 57 years young today.


I love you both very much!!


I have been very busy and now I'm feeling very tired. I even went to bed around 11 last night (early for me!) and slept until 9 or so this morning. But I'm still tired, and I have a terrible headache today

And I still have a few Christmas gifts to finish up. My goal today is to get the baby blanket made for a new baby in the family. That's the last "big" thing.

I really hope to be completely finished with everything by Thursday. Then I plan to spend Friday cleaning. Then hopefully everything will stay nice and clean until after Christmas!

I think I need a nap! I don't understand why I'm so tired today!

So I'm sorry Daddy, I'm not posting any pictures today. My camera really isn't broken! But I promise I will get some on here soon!


  1. Good luck getting everything finished!!! It's fun, yet exhausting getting ready for Christmas sometimes... isn't it?
    Enjoy your holiday!

  2. r u pg?

    probably just over-achiever mommy tired!

    a nap sounds heavenly!

  3. Happy Birthday! And Merry Christmas!! :-)


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