Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day full of love and lots of hugs and kisses! I bought a few trinkets for the kids, but decided not to go all out. I did pick up a red table cover and some Valentine's napkins, as well as a couple of red candles so we can have a special Valentine's dinner. I wanted to have red food, so we are having chili! Then I made a big chocolate chip cookie that I will decorate for dessert. We rarely have dessert, but decided this warranted a special treat. Just thought I'd make dinner a little fun.
I took some pictures of the kids the other day for Valentine's. I sent a few out in Valentine cards. However, my printer is printing really bad lately, I think the thing is just worn out and maybe it's time for a new one. Those whom I sent pictures to, I plan to have them reprinted and will send some better ones to replace them! Until then, you can see what it should have looked like. And for everyone else, here are my darling Valentines.


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