Friday, January 26, 2007

SHE'S 2!!!!!!!!

I can hardly believe our precious little girl is 2!! I know, she has been for almost a month, and I still can hardly believe it. Thought I'd share a couple pictures from the big day! We kept it small so the focus would be on her. Just us and my parents. Maybe we'll have a few kids when she turns 3, but I figured it would be better for it would be easier on her to not have to deal with sharing with others for this one. I was sure there would be tears or some fighting if there had been other 2 year olds here! She's not laid back like CJ was at this age, and I could just imagine her getting quite upset if anyone else tried to play with her new things! Maybe when she turns 3, she'll be able to understand reasoning better and know that no one is actually going to take her things, and be better with sharing. I also wanted to be relaxed myself, and have no stress, so this was the way to go!!
When we sang Happy Birthday to her, she was so cute, looking around at all of us with the biggest grin on her face! Here's a picture of her just after she blew out the candles - she got them on one try!

Nana and Poppy got her her first motorized vehicle, so she became a driver on her birthday - but maybe not a very good one!

She is truly a Dora-fan-atic. Everything 'Dora' lights her face up. Even a balloon!

And almost a month later, and she STILL plays with this thing. The helium is gone, but CJ figured out how to add air into it, so Dora's not flat. It is so funny to watch her with this thing.

That 2 year milestone - wow - really made a difference. I can't believe how much her vocabulary is growing on a daily basis. And it's funny, she started saying words "more grown up" all of a sudden too. She is growing WAY too fast!! I'm afraid to blink - she'll be 3 before I know it!!


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